Introduction to S2

Introduction of the S2 system

S2 is a new cutting-edge data science platform which help you coding up any math algorithms by solving many existing problems that most Python users face and faster than MATLAB/R. S2 is a Java IDE based on Kotlin which is easy and pleasant to learn everything by examples. You can run each snippet of code, check the result, and then run it again separately. In S2 system, there are a set of examples (you can get access to all of these from here) including Linear Algebra, Optimization, Statistics and so on.

First, please go to this link and register for a free account.

Click the register button and fulfill all the required information.

Then this is what the IDE (Integrated development environment) looks like for S2.

Since S2 is an IDE for coding up numerical algorithms. We can start with the 1+1. With 1+1 working, we can do pretty much anything in numerical programming, which is just a more complicated series of many 1+1.

As you should know S2 has the fastest linear algebra package in the Java world.