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R Alternative

You can do a lot of things in S2 that you can do in R and S2 does so much faster. Moreover, R code runs inside only the R environment. It is very difficult to deploy them anywhere else such as in embedded devices like microwaves, automobiles, space rockets. S2 code runs in any JVM environment. There are now 15 billion devices that run JVM!

Python Replacement

Python does two good things: (1) scripting as a glue to put together many components together to do data analysis, and (2) array/tensor programming. S2 does those as well but better.

The problems with Python are: (1) scripting or interpreted language is slow, and (2) it is very difficult to deploy code to other devices due to numerous versioning of dependencies and an assorted array of libraries in FORTRAN, C, C++, etc. S2 is fast and runs on the 15 billion devices with a JVM by copy-and-pasting jars.

Big Data Handling

S2 can handle terabytes or even petabytes of data across arrays of machines in an effective manner using map-reduce programming in a simple S2 script.

Demo: a word count example of very large documents across machines.

Industrial Partners

S2 makes partnership with many third-party vendors to make available on S2 their analytics, algorithms and data, hence a one-stop shop of algorithms and data.


Community Edition

Community Edition

S2 Community Edition is free to use. Please let us know what you think of S2, bugs and feature requests in our forum. You can try it out without registering an account but your work won't be saved. Registration is free!


Enterprise Edition

If you are looking to

  1. increase S2's computational power
  2. have a private and secured server (cluster)
  3. co-develop and customize S2

Please contact sales.

Third Party Vendors

Third Party Vendors

If you would like to host your data and/or algorithms/analytics on S2, please contact us.



If you would like to work together or contribute to S2, please contact us.