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specialists in optimization and operations research

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NM LTD. is a mathematics consulting company. We do a lot of work in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, optimization and operation research. We invent new technologies to implement these theories of mathematics and we do consulting work to apply the theories in industrial settings.

We are now seeking candidates to develop numerical computing software to solve real world problems. Interested candidates should have a background in optimization, statistics, differential equations, signal processing, operations research, industrial engineering and/or machine learning, but we will consider candidates with strong background in related fields, such as physics and computer sciences.

Successful candidates will contribute towards the research, design, testing and implementation of numerical algorithms. They will get experience to solve real world modeling problems, such as those in finance, manufacturing and logistics. This is an opportunity to receive first hand guidance from experts in the field as well as being exposed to the work of seasoned colleagues.

The candidates MUST have a Ph.D. in a quantitative field such as applied mathematics, quantitative finance, statistics, operations research, industrial engineering from leading institutions.

The candidates should

  • be familiar with Matlab and/or R
  • have some programming experience in Java/C#/C++/C, but not required
  • show fair understanding of their fields and explain their thesis topics during the interview. There will also be brain teaser type questions.

Our office locations are: Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

If interested, please submit your resume to career@nm.dev.


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