Inspiration behind NM Dev

Scripting languages (such as R/MATLAB/Python etc.) come with huge libraries for mathematics built-in and provide users with the ability to interact with data dynamically. On top of that they are very simple to use, even for someone with no programming experience, making them extremely effective prototyping tools.

However, after prototyping is done, the code often has to be translated into production code (Such as Java/C#/C++ etc.) so that it runs faster (up to 100 times faster) and more stably and for integration with the hosting framework, application, hardware and software.

The problem with the translation process is that it is difficult to ensure that the prototype and production code produce the same outputs. On top of that, the prototyping code is often written by mathematicians who know little about programming and the production code is written by programmers who know little about the mathematical models. Moreover, the mathematical libraries available to the prototyping languages are often not available to the production languages. This results in a painful and time consuming translation process. 

Running on the S2 IDE, NM Dev solves this translation problem by combining the strengths of the prototyping and production languages into a single integrated language that allows you to test and produce code all at once. NM Dev is a high performance (faster than any scripting language) and high availability (handles errors and exceptions) language that has a large library of numerical algorithms and can run anywhere with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), including vehicles, microwaves, watches and mobile phones. 

Syntax for our matrix multiplication is simple.
Result of matrix multiplication presented in a visually appealing manner.

Beyond just streamlining the production process, NM Dev also supports big data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as visualization of huge amounts of data.


Data visualization of SP500 using S2 IDE.

Currently, NM Dev math library covers all of classical mathematics (Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Time Series Analysis etc.) and also has the most comprehensive optimization library, covering all aspects of classical mathematical optimization. In addition, NM Dev is the fastest math library available to date, with our matrix multiplication being 180 times faster than Apache and 14 times faster than R. (suanshu-3.3.0 has been replaced by NM Dev)

Comparison of time taken to complete 2000 by 2000 matrix multiplication.

If you want to streamline your app development process and increase performance, then NM Dev is for you. Click here to try it out.

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