Class MVOptimizerNoConstraint

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    public class MVOptimizerNoConstraint
    extends Object
    implements MVOptimizer
    Solves for optimal weights by closed-form expressions of w(η) when there is no limit on short selling.
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      • MVOptimizerNoConstraint

        public MVOptimizerNoConstraint()
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      • optimalWeights

        public Vector optimalWeights​(Vector mu,
                                     Matrix V,
                                     double lambda,
                                     double eta)
        Description copied from interface: MVOptimizer
        Solves for the optimal weights given the moments, lambda, and eta.
        Specified by:
        optimalWeights in interface MVOptimizer
        mu - the expected returns
        V - the covariance matrix
        lambda - the risk-aversion index λ
        eta - η
        the weights