Class SimpleAR1Fit

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    public class SimpleAR1Fit
    extends VARModel
    implements ResamplerModel
    This class does a quick AR(1) fitting to the time series, essentially treating the returns as independent. A better way to fit the data is to use VARFit.
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      • SimpleAR1Fit

        public SimpleAR1Fit​(Matrix mts)
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      • standarizedInnovations

        public Matrix standarizedInnovations()
        Description copied from interface: ResamplerModel
        Gets the standarized innovations (normalized by the conditional standard deviation at the time) of the time series. Note (haksunli): we should not use instead the non-standarized innovations (have non-unit variances) because when they are scaled by the time dependent standard deviations/variances. We cannot simply shuffle them to get a new time series of innovations.
        Specified by:
        standarizedInnovations in interface ResamplerModel