Interface TimeSeries.Entry<T,V>

Type Parameters:
T - the time type
V - the value type
All Known Implementing Classes:
DateTimeGenericTimeSeries.Entry, DLMSeries.Entry, IntTimeTimeSeries.Entry, MultivariateDLMSeries.Entry, MultivariateIntTimeTimeSeries.Entry, MultivariateRealization.Entry, MultivariateTimeSeries.Entry, Realization.Entry, UnivariateTimeSeries.Entry
Enclosing interface:
TimeSeries<T extends Comparable<? super T>,V,E extends TimeSeries.Entry<T,V>>

public static interface TimeSeries.Entry<T,V>
A time series is composed of a sequence of Entrys.

An TimeSeries.Entry is immutable.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Get the timestamp.
    Get the entry value.
  • Method Details

    • getTime

      T getTime()
      Get the timestamp.
      the timestamp
    • getValue

      V getValue()
      Get the entry value.
      the entry value