Interface GLMFitting

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    IWLS, QuasiGLMNewtonRaphson

    public interface GLMFitting
    This interface represents a fitting method for estimating β in a Generalized Linear Model (GLM). John Nelder and Robert Wedderburn proposed an iteratively re-weighted least squares method for maximum likelihood estimation of the model parameters, β. Maximum-likelihood estimation remains popular and is the default method on many statistical computing packages. Other approaches, including Bayesian approaches and least squares fits to variance stabilized responses, have been developed.
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    Wikipedia: Generalized linear model, IWLS
    • Method Detail

      • fit

        void fit​(GLMProblem problem,
                 Vector beta0Initial)
        Fits a Generalized Linear Model.

        This method must be called before the three get methods.

        problem - the generalized linear regression problem to be solved
        beta0Initial - initial guess for β^
      • betaHat

        ImmutableVector betaHat()
        Gets the estimates of β, β^, as in
        E(Y) = μ = g-1(Xβ)
      • weights

        ImmutableVector weights()
        Gets the weights assigned to the observations.
        the weights
      • logLikelihood

        double logLikelihood()