Interface UnivariateEVD

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FrechetDistribution, GeneralizedEVD, GeneralizedParetoDistribution, GumbelDistribution, MaximaDistribution, MinimaDistribution, OrderStatisticsDistribution, ReversedWeibullDistribution

public interface UnivariateEVD extends ProbabilityDistribution
Distribution of extreme values (e.g., maxima, minima, or other order statistics).

The extreme value theorem (also the Fisher-Tippett-Gnedenko theorem or the Fisher-Tippett theorem) is a general result in extreme value theory regarding asymptotic distribution of extreme order statistics. The maximum of a sample of IID random variables after proper renormalization converges in distribution to one of 3 possible distributions, the Gumbel distribution, the Fréchet distribution, or the Weibull distribution.

The role of the extremal types theorem for maxima is similar to that of central limit theorem for averages.

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    • logDensity

      double logDensity(double x)
      Get the logarithm of the probability density function at \(x\), that is, \(\log(f(x))\).
      x - \(x\)