Class AbstractRealScalarFunction

All Implemented Interfaces:
Function<Vector,Double>, RealScalarFunction
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractBivariateRealFunction, AbstractTrivariateRealFunction, AbstractUnivariateRealFunction, MultinomialBetaFunction, MultivariateFiniteDifference, QuadraticFunction, R1Projection, Rastrigin, Ridders

public abstract class AbstractRealScalarFunction extends Object implements RealScalarFunction
This abstract implementation implements Function.dimensionOfRange() by always returning 1, and Function.dimensionOfDomain() by returning the input argument for the dimension of domain.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractRealScalarFunction

      public AbstractRealScalarFunction(int domainDimension)
      Construct an instance with the dimension of the domain.
      domainDimension - the dimension of the domain
  • Method Details

    • dimensionOfDomain

      public final int dimensionOfDomain()
      Description copied from interface: Function
      Get the number of variables the function has. For example, for a univariate function, the domain dimension is 1; for a bivariate function, the domain dimension is 2.
      Specified by:
      dimensionOfDomain in interface Function<Vector,Double>
      the number of variables
    • dimensionOfRange

      public final int dimensionOfRange()
      Description copied from interface: Function
      Get the dimension of the range space of the function. For example, for a Rn->Rm function, the dimension of the range is m.
      Specified by:
      dimensionOfRange in interface Function<Vector,Double>
      the dimension of the range