Class GenericFieldMatrix<F extends Field<F>>

Type Parameters:
F - the number Field
All Implemented Interfaces:
GenericMatrix<GenericFieldMatrix<F>,F>, GenericMatrixAccess<F>, AbelianGroup<GenericFieldMatrix<F>>, Monoid<GenericFieldMatrix<F>>, Ring<GenericFieldMatrix<F>>, VectorSpace<GenericFieldMatrix<F>,F>, Table

public class GenericFieldMatrix<F extends Field<F>> extends Object implements GenericMatrix<GenericFieldMatrix<F>,F>
This is a generic matrix over a Field.
  • Constructor Details

    • GenericFieldMatrix

      public GenericFieldMatrix(int nRows, int nCols, F init)
      Construct a matrix over a field.
      nRows - the number of rows
      nCols - the number of columns
      init - an initial value for the entries, e.g., 0
    • GenericFieldMatrix

      public GenericFieldMatrix(F[][] data)
      Construct a matrix over a field.
      data - the matrix entries
  • Method Details